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Tuesday 12th November 2019 h. 10,00

Cappella Farnese, Palazzo D’Accursio

Piazza Maggiore – Bologna

An extra day in a prestigious location in the city centre, alternative to Palazzo Isolani, open to the operators of the industry and dedicated to specific session of introduction to international buyers guests in Bologna within the hospitality program.



Guests reception and welcome



Institutional greeting with

Marco Lombardo, Assessor of Bologna for European and International Relations , International Cooperation, NGO, Labour, Production Activities , Policies for the Third Sector, Project “Insieme per il Lavoro” (Together for Labour)



Valerio Schönfeld, Director Buy Wedding in Italy

BWI: a multichannel platform for Destination Wedding.



Massimo Feruzzi, Diretctor JFC Tourism Management

First data of the Monitoring Center on Destination Wedding Tourism



Bianca Trusiani, President of the Scientific and Technical Committee BWI

Sceneries of Destination Wedding – the Conference



Angelo Garini, “Events Architect”

Planning events is a distinctively Italian art form…

During the Renaissance in Italy a new profession emerges: “Master of Ceremonies”, a role of much relevance, often contended among the great courts of the period.

Leonardo da Vinci is without any doubt the most significant example of all, given that the grand events he planned at the court of the Sforza, Dukes of Milan, have given the profession its connotation of a true expression of applied art.

In a light conversation, Angelo Garini will share anecdotes and trivia about Leonardo’s activity, focusing on his planning of the wedding of Gian Galeazzo Sforza with Isabel of Aragon.



Paride Gullini, President ANUSCA

Anusca’s services for civil ceremonies abroad.



Aperitif by Mstaff Catering

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