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Sara Mazzei was born in Tuscany and was enchanted since childhood by the splendor and lifestyle of her country. Nature of unrivalled beauty, warm and friendly people, excellent genuine food and an immense artistic and historical heritage make this place unique and strongly influenced her personality.

Sara Mazzei is what you can call a life lover, keep-on-smiling philosopher, a visionary, creative animal, music addicted, world traveler and last but not least, a reliable friend.

Great ideas and creativity, unique design, sparkling entertainment shows, sensational décor, the best food and wines and a dedicated assistance to the couple and their guests, Infinity Weddings does this and much more.

Thanks to a motivated and passionate team, Infinity Weddings takes care of every aspect of the event, dedicating time and attention to the event design and production, creating every time something really special and unique.Infinity Weddings

Sara Mazzei
International Wedding Planner
Infinity Weddings
Via A. Diaz, 181/a – 56024 San Miniato (PI) – Italy
Tel. +39 0571.49301

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