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Marry Me in Italy  is the result of a mix of personal and professional experience. I am in fact Angela Böck, main coordinator and founder of the agency. I am German and lived since more than 13 years in Italy. I have a long lasting experience in hotel management, incoming and various touristic activities. Who could better know the secrets and pleasure of a wedding in Italy for foreign people?

After some years working in hotels, at receptions desks, events organization, groups management and sales management, I decided to open this wedding planner activity, supported by various professionals with whom we have been working during our long experience in Italy and abroad. I had myself a wonderful marriage with 130 participants, in the real Italian style, and the fun that it made for us to care for the details of “our day”, making it particular and amusing, let me decide to make this my own job. I have developed a specific experience as a wedding planner, and I personally plan with the marrying couple and later supervise the various details of each marriage, being available via mobile to all the invitees, as to guarantee the utmost professionalism and satisfaction.

Marry me in Italy
Tel. +39 348 6924632 (Italy); +49 152 02703898 (German)


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