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The inauguration of the Italian Observatory for Destination Wedding Tourism – by JFC and sponsored by ‘Buy Wedding in Italy’ and ‘ANUSCA’ – is a significant moment for Italian tourism as a whole and opens a new phase for the ever-growing Destination Wedding Tourism sector. The value chain of wedding tourism will now dispose of highly profiled information and knowledge on all the phenomenological, economical and sociological elements, factors and trends influencing the sector both at a national and international level.

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The Italian Observatory for Destination Wedding Tourism, curated by JFC and sponsored by Buy Wedding in Italy, aims at being the main source of knowledge, culture and constant monitoring of the “wedding phenomenon” in all its elements of value and interest, with the primary target of providing useful information for the whole national system.

The methodology adopted is not limited to a pure statistical analysis, but develops through various phases and levels of analysis during different periods of the year, focusing on deeply interesting phenomenological, economic and sociological factors.

We believe that those who work within this industry can truly benefit by a continuous monitoring throughout the year and constant exchange with the territory, and from the feedback from the operators, the market, tour operators, contacts, journalists, service companies, wedding planners, international stakeholders, and so on.

This is the reason why the Italian Observatory for Destination Wedding Tourism is built around the real needs in terms of knowledge of the topics of interest, and aims at covering these requirements by:


  1. Analysing the wedding tourism product and assessing its potential for a global market development;
  2. Probing the market to constantly verify the level of appeal and the commercial penetration of the single destination offers, their value on the market and future interest;
  3. Indicating the most interesting news, locations and destinations, that are investing in this segment;
  4. Promoting the intersection between market and product, indicating potential investments on the products or services;
  5. Maintaining regular and direct contact with the most interested stakeholders in the sector;
  6. Providing information on annual trends based on statistical data developed through the direct relationship with operators;
  7. Developing analyses of all areas of interest for the wedding segment: from catering to private and public locations, from wedding favours to entertainment, from wedding dresses to car rentals, and so on.

The Observatory, although related to “Wedding Tourism in Italy”, will provide a series of indicators – sociological, economical and general trends – on the economic situation of the wedding industry.



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