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The Buyer declares to be informed that the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (hereinafter the "GDPR") concern the processing of data relating to natural persons ("Personal Data") and they are not applicable to legal persons (companies), bodies and associations and information ("Information") referring to these subjects, for which only the rules on sending electronic commercial communications remain (the Buyer can issue the consent required for sending electronic communications for direct marketing purposes).

2. The Personal Data concerning the Buyer operating as a sole corporation, small business owner or professional, as well as representatives, representatives, exhibitors, employees and collaborators of the Buyer indicated in the Application for admission or subsequently issued, acquired from third parties (e.g.: partners, commercial information companies, etc.) or as part of the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program (also, for example, any photos or video recordings at the stands) are collected and processed by ABOUT MARKETING S.R.L.S. (hereinafter the "Controller" or "our Company") as described in the following paragraphs.

3. The aforementioned Personal Data are processed for the following purposes: to carry out the obligations and services concerning the participation in the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program (including the dissemination through publication, also by electronic means, of the Hospitality Program catalogues Buy Wedding In Italy), provide the related services, perform the related regulatory obligations and carry out the related administrative, accounting and tax activities. The processing of the Buyer's personal data is therefore necessary for the establishment and execution of the contract relating to participation in the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program, the fulfilment of the related legal obligations and the pursuit of the legitimate interests of our Company to manage administrative, organizational, technical and security activities related to the Buyer's participation in the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program and the provision of related services. Failure to release even part of the requested personal data would not allow the Buyer to be admitted to the Buy Wedding in Italy hospitality program and the provision of related services.

4. For these purposes, the personal data thus acquired will also be processed by electronic means, with appropriate mainly computerized procedures and methods suitable for ensuring the correct management of the services and services provided and can also be kept after the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program for administrative, accounting, tax purposes, for the times envisaged by the reference standards (generally ten years)

5. For the aforementioned purposes, moreover, the data may be known by authorized personnel and collaborators of our Company for the processing of data for the performance of the aforementioned administrative, technical and security activities related to the organization and management of the Hospitality Buy Wedding Program. The data can be communicated to trusted companies that provide us with organizational and technical services relating to the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program such as, for example, fitters, service and maintenance companies, printers, data processing companies, administrative consultancy firms, performance survey companies of the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program. Companies that process personal data on behalf of ABOUT MARKETING S.R.L.S. operate as those responsible for such processing, in compliance with the specific obligations established in the relevant service contracts. For these purposes, personal data can be transferred to companies located in countries outside the EU1, if the European Commission has recognized that these countries have an adequate level of data protection (e.g. Switzerland, Australia, Israel, USA for American companies adhering to the agreement with the EU on the so-called Privacy Shield), or on the basis of adequate guarantees (such as standard contractual clauses or binding corporate rules for groups) or, in the absence of such conditions, if the transfer is authorized by the Buyer or necessary for the execution of the contract.

6. Personal Data (also in the form of images) relating to the Buyer's economic (entrepreneurial or professional) activities may also be processed by the Controller, or by authorized collaborators of our Company or company responsible for processing, also for the pursuit of legitimate interests related to the analysis of information relating to the activity of the Buyer, participation in our fairs and services requested and in particular for identifying, through electronic processing, preferences and possible services of interest (so-called profiling), for the detection of the quality of services, for carrying out statistical surveys in order to support decision-making processes and corporate strategies, to implement the design of corporate structures and, above all, to provide services and products that are functional to the needs of the customers.

7. The e-mail address and physical address for paper mail provided by the Buyer to participate in the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program and access the related services may be used by the Controller to send the newsletter, the hospitality Program of Buy Wedding In Italy and the related activities of ABOUT MARKETING SRLS, as well as communications relating to events and similar services. The Buyer may object at any time (immediately or subsequently) to receiving such communications, by sending an e-mail from his or her e-mail address to or by post to the Controller, at the addresses indicated in the Application and in the Regulations.

8. Without prejudice to the above-mentioned activities for sending e-mails or mailings of newsletters and communications relating to the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program and services of specific interest to the Buyer, Personal Data and Information (e.g. telematic contact details) – including those concerning companies, organizations or associations - may also be treated by the Data Controller with the consent of the Buyer (to be granted through the appropriate boxes to be selected), for the following additional purposes: a) sending advertising material, direct sales, carrying out market research or commercial communications by post, telephone, automated call systems, fax, e-mail, texts, mms, on further exhibitions, services and products of the Controller and third-party companies (organizers, exhibitors, fitters, qualified operators involved in trade fairs or operating also in other sectors) interested in offering advantageous commercial offers to exhibitors; b) communication of data to other companies, such as organizers, exhibitors, fitters, qualified operators involved in trade fairs or operating in other sectors, such as market research institutes, sponsors and suppliers of ABOUT MARKETING S.R.L.S. for independent treatment as Controllers of the data, for the purposes and with the modalities stated in point a).

9. For the purposes referred to in the preceding paragraph, the provision of Personal Data is in any case optional and has no consequences on the Buyer's participation in the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program and on the use of the related services. The individual concerned has the right to revoke the consent(s) previously granted (without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation).

10. The provisions of the GDPR (articles 15-22) guarantee the natural person concerned the right to access the data concerning him at all times and to obtain a copy thereof, to rectify or supplement them if inaccurate or incomplete, to delete them or to obtain the limitation of their treatment if the conditions are met, to oppose their treatment for reasons related to the particular situation of the same person and in any case to their treatment for direct marketing purposes, to request the portability of the data provided, if processed in an automated manner for the execution of the contract or on the basis of the consent of the same person concerned, as well as to submit a complaint to the Privacy Guarantor for the protection of his personal data and rights, where he believes they have been violated.

11. For any clarification or request regarding the processing of personal data concerning him, the natural person concerned can contact the data Controller at the addresses indicated in the Program registration form and / or in the Regulations. In addition to the exercise of the above-mentioned rights, the data subject can request the updated list of the categories of recipients of the data and of the data processors eventually designated by our Company.

12. The information set out in this article is provided by the data Controller in accordance with art. 13 of the GDPR and the Buyer undertakes to inform the natural persons (representatives, exponents, employees and collaborators) whose Personal Data is provided for the purposes of participation in the Buy Wedding In Italy hospitality program and the provision of the related services, and to ensure that the Personal Data are lawfully usable by the Controller for these purposes and to release from any liability and / or indemnify the Controller for any cost or damage arising from the Buyer's breach of the obligations assumed under this article with respect to the Controller.

13. Where a possible transfer of exhibitor data to countries outside the EU is envisaged, it will be necessary to verify, implement and document one of the aforementioned conditions before performing it.

I hereby express my consent to the processing of my personal data, as set out in point h 1. and h. 2. of the terms.


I hereby express my consent to the transfer of personal data as set out in point h 3 et seq of the terms and conditions


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