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Conference - Exhibition Area - Marketing Services

Bianca Trusiani –  Destination Wedding Tour Operator  

Presidente CT 2016, 2017, 2018

Angelo Garini –  Wedding and Event Planner 

Membro ad Honorem CT 2017 e 2018

Antonio Percario – Presidente Skal International Roma 

Membro CT  2018

Erika Gottardi –  Presidente Woman and Bride 

Membro CT 2018



Alessandro Tortelli –  Direttore Centro Studi Turistici Firenze

Membro CT 2018

Viola Tarantino – Presidente dell’Associazione Wedding Planner in Puglia 

Membro CT 2018

Bianca Trusiani –  Technical Committee Buy Wedding in Italy President

Bianca Trusiani, President of Buy Wedding in Italy Technical Committee, has devoted her life on the development of the tourism sector.

Technical director of agency and tour operator manager, Vicepresident of the University of Management of Tourism Organizations UpOGT, consultant of public institutions, for the development of this enviroment and she is also an expert in European project planning.

She has a three-year experience within the tourism industry at MAE (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Holder of the trademarks Wedding and Travel® – Italy Destination Wedding® – Wedding Made in Italy® she has been defined an expert by the Destination Wedding industry.

Innovator of a new figure in the tourist reception field specifically dedicated to incoming marriages: the Wedding Travel Coordinator (WTC®)

Professonal Speaker and member of SKAL (International Association of Tourist Professionals).

Wedding and Travel® – Italy Destination Wedding






Angelo Garini – “Event Architect”

Internationally recognized as the distinctive signature of luxury, sophistication, exclusivity and elegance, he is the point of reference for the most exclusive events, both in Italy and Europe where he is spokesman of Italian Style. Author of two books presenting the most scenographic projects in his career: “Weddings in Italy” (“Il Matrimonio che vorrei”) available in English and distributed in Italy, Europe and the US and “Il Matrimonio”.

Editor of the magazine “Imagine your house, party, life, wedding” where he presents trends, ideas and news for the event planning world and all those who enjoy living with style.

Television star of the wedding industry, he has been on air since 2005 with the cult program “Wedding Planner” on Real Time. Since 2017 Angelo Garini has been Honorem Member of the Technical Committee of BWI.


Garini Immagina






Erika Gottardi – Presidente Woman and Bride

Of Austrian heritage but born and raised in Italy, Erika lived in Turin, Perugia and Milan before settling down in 1984 in Rome, where she currently lives and work.

Graduated in Sociology, in 2010 she established with Massimiliano Piccinno the publishing company and communication agency Adv Press, debuting in the publishing industry with the periodical Woman & Bride.

Today she is a anchorwoman, actress, fashion editor and expert in fashion and wedding, as well as a smart and popular fashion blogger and brand influencer.







Antonio Percario – Presidente Skǡl International Roma

Destination Marketing and Management professional, has been working within the tourism industry since 1968.

He covered numerous executive roles, from Lauro Lines to CIT (Italian Company of Tourism), from Ventana to Alpitour and carried out consulting activities for FAI (Italian Fund for the Environment),  Buy Lazio (a venture by the Regional Union of Chambers of Commerce of Lazio) and for Promove consortium (Venice in winter time).

He was an advisor for “Contur, Touristic Consultations”, the first enterprise specialized in touristic consultancy, with a diversified portfolio ranging from product planning, company marketing, education, to auditing and information technology.

Professor of Economy of Tourism for 24 years at the University of Perugia, he collaborated with the most important Business Schools for Masters in Tourism, from Luissal CST of Assisi to Sole 24 ore and Trentino School of Management.

Performs consultancy and educational activities in Italy and Europe within the Travel, Hospitality and Destination Management areas.

He is member of:

  • SKAL – International Association of Tourism Professionals – since 2009
  • Vice President of Skal International Roma 2011/2012
  • Secretary of Skal International Roma 2013/ 2016
  • President of Skal Roma 2017/2018
  • International Advisor of Skal Italia – since 2013, ongoing.


Skal International Roma


Alessandro Tortelli –  Centro Studi Turistici Firenze Director

Scientific director of the Tourism Research Centre, a research institute and educational centre dedicated to the tourism industry established in 1975. Coordinator of all research projects of the Tourism Research Centre since 2000, responsible for the Destination Weddings Italy watchdog.

Author of numerous scientific educational publications and  contributor to specialized magazines. Honorary member of AIEST (International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism) since 1990.


Tourism Research Centre Florence






Viola Tarantino – Presidente dell’Associazione Wedding Planner in Puglia

Viola Tarantino – wedding & event planner specialized in Destination Wedding. Began her career in the tourism industry and with the organization of company events. In 2012 she established Emotions in Puglia, an agency dedicated to the planning of exclusive and typical events in Puglia.

In 2017 she founded the Wedding Planner Puglia association, which she leads as the association president. The Association promotes the professional figure of wedding planners within the wedding industry and fosters relationships with the institutions.


Wedding Planner Association in Puglia



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