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BWI Technical Committee 2016


Bianca Trusiani – BWI Technical Committee President

Bianca Trusiani, has devoted her life to tourism, which has always been her most important passion. Since she was a child she has travelled a lot with her family and these experiences have opened her mind to different cultures, traditions, landscapes, historical sites and cultural heritages of many Countries. This is the reason why she has chosen a career in tourism: at first as travel agent specialized in tailor-made, and then as technical director of agency and tourism operator manager. She organizes masters and she is consulent for many different public institutions for the environment development and she also works in Euro planning.

On February 14th 2012 started her path in Destination Wedding, when she became owner of Wedding and Travel®, brand and tour operator, which bounds the worlds of wedding and travel creating a production chain of travel agencies and wedding planner foreign and Italian. The brand Wedding Made In Italy® was born to promote wedding incoming products, to allow these companies to participate to international and italian exhibitions under the same brand.In May 2016 many participants took part to the first SpeedUp dedicated to Destination Wedding at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Rome, during which Bianca Trusiani explained the need to combine all the different professionalisms to create an attractive offer for the world different markets.

Since June 2016 she has been coordinating the Technical Committee of BWI, B2B event dedicated to Destination Wedding which was held in Bologna from 14 to 16 October. She has been defined by the press the “guru” of Destination Wedding after an important consultation for Benevento CNA. She is consultant and Responsible of the Technical Commitee of Buy Wedding in Italy, the most important Italian Exhibition dedicated to destination Wedding.

“My mission, which started many years ago, is to increase awareness of the territories, the institutions, the local authorities and, of course, of all the professional operators of wedding and tourism about the interesting opportunities that Destination Wedding can offer and about the real necessity to build a structured offer to break through in the international markets.”


Angelo Garini – “Events Architect”

Internationally known as a distinctive example of luxury, sophistication, exclusivity and elegance Angelo Garini is considered the role model for the most exclusive events, both in Italy and in Europe, where he is ambassador of the Italian Style.

He is author of two books which represent the most detached realizations of his career: “Weddings in Italy” translated also in English and distributed in Italy, Europe and USA and “The Wedding”. He is also author of the magazine “Imagine, the house, the party, the life, the wedding” in which he presents trends, suggestions and news in the event market for all the style-life lovers. TV star of the wedding market he has been broadcasted since 2005 with the cult programme “Wedding Planner” on Real Time.

Carmelo Spina – Hair Stylist and Artistic Director of Lugano Sposi

Carmelo Spina, after working with leading brands related to the beauty and hair care as Cesare Ragazzi, Renee Blanche, Tony & Guy and many others is now brand ambassador and spokesperson of professional products Vitastyle and, thanks to the collaboration with this brand, created the project Carmelo Spina Academy, a professional upgrade path dedicated to professionals in the Hair & Beauty sector.

His experience in the world of beauty and hair stylist were the key points that led the organizers of the Swiss Beauty Expo to want it as artistic director entrusted to him and to his event management team that will go to animate the stage of Kermess .

Over the last two decades Carmelo Spina has developed expertise in two different fields: Hair Style (care and cosmetic) and Make-up. The passion and the sacrifices made to complete in a manner so complete his artistic training and professional explanation found in the attention and dedication to what people, its customers, they need. Two main skills, both for purposes related to how different methods and language, allowing Carmelo Spina and its well-selected staff to offer an integrated service in order to fully satisfy customers. Also why perhaps its customer base is highly varied.

There are frequent collaborations with professionals and companies. Carmelo Spina is in fact engaged in the management and guidance of practical seminars promoted by the sector companies with whom he collaborated for years

The last show and seminars of which he starred were hosted in emerging countries such as Romania, Portugal, Croatia and Poland. At this kind of collaboration is complemented by the technical vocational courses in which often is called upon to contribute their skills and experience (cut, color, mesh, etc.)

“There is no beauty without health.” Carmelo Spina


Simona Polli – Editor of White Bride Magazine


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