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The Business Matching Service on line for Buyers

  • Is an innovative digital marketing service which buyers operating within the Destination Wedding industry can access for free.
  • It allows to select discreetly and in an exclusive way Italian companies active with the Destination Wedding that have invested in one of the packages offered by Buy Wedding in Italy

Through BMSonline, Italian seller companies registered to the service offer a complete and clear introduction to their services, thanks to a detailed description form dedicated to features and amenities: in this way, the buyer can gain useful insights and select the right companies for couples who have chosen Italy as a destination for their marriage.


How to enroll on BMS online?

  1. You can proceed with the pre-registration by clicking here: Register
  2. With the email address and password used during the pre-registration, you can access BMSonline through the login area on the website homepage (on the top-right corner)



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