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Concluded the 4th edition of “Buy Wedding in Italy”:

a success in terms of numbers, 2018 estimates and forecast for a fast-growing sector.

The 4th edition of Buy Wedding in Italy organized by “Bussolaeventi” has ended with the validation of the constant growth of this niche of the tourism market that is drawing more and more attention and interest both from foreign and Italian buyers. During the two days of workshops held at Palazzo Isolani, in the heart of Bologna, more than 2000 scheduled meetings between supply and demand have taken place.

It was immensely gratifying for us that foreign buyers actually found in this occasion other companies that met the criteria for a fruitful partnership. And that’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted- as Valerio Schoenfeld, creator of the event, points out- this turned into a real opportunity for growth for both the main protagonists of the event, which will help to further expand this segment thanks to the knowledge and training of Italian professional operators. “

To sum it all up, data extracted from foreign operators confirm the stats about favourite locations and most attractive regions, with some preferences for the centre and south of our peninsula. There have been more than 8 thousand events in a year for an estimated turnover of more than 440million euros: these are the numbers of Wedding Tourism, tourism of foreign wedding in Italy (2016 data).

Alessandro Tortelli, head of the Centro Studi Turistici, gave an overview of the data regarding Wedding and the estimates on its market in 2018, the complete findings will be presented in February. For this year a 5% growth is expected with interesting increases form non-Eu Countries, in particular China, Russia and Latin America; among the European Countries the most significant increments come from France, UK and Holland. The performance of wedding destinations in Italy is also very interesting: Tuscany still leads the race (31,9%), followed by Lombardia (16,0%), Campania (14,7%) and Veneto (7,9%); a steady growth is also confirmed for both Puglia and Sicily. Among the most sought-after venues Luxury Hotel are the favourites (32,4%), followed by Historical villas (28,2%), Restaurants(10,1%), Farmhouses(6,9%); it’s on the rise the request for Cultural locations, Villages and exclusive castles, venues on the beach. Furthermore 32,6% of all the wedding ceremonies performed for foreigners is a religious rite.

“During this 4th edition of Buy Wedding in Italy many professional operators coming from various sectors gathered in one place: from the hospitality sector to Territorial Marketing, to Public Institutions, businessmen and professionals – Bianca Trusiani, President of the Technical Committee of Buy Wedding, states – and these meetings have been the chance to analyse and translate the various aspects of the market according to the different categories. A final talk show, well coordinated by Erika Gottardi editor of a fashion magazine, neatly summed up the two-day workshops event, during which the experts participating have managed to relay complete and professional answers to the many questions raised by the attendees about topics like planning the event or the professional figure of the wedding planner. The contribution of FAI has also been very relevant- though still at an early stage- because it’s the first time the notable institution gets involved in the destination wedding business; this could be a very important opportunity for us operators- kept explaining Trusiani- for we have actual experience in dealing with historical venues, museums, gardens, archaeological sites and the Cultural Heritage segment.” Another important note came from architect Angelo Garini, who explained the characteristics and future opportunities of large locations (Piazza San Marco for example) and how to manage an event even under Cultural Heritage constraints.

Mauro Santinato of Teamwork explained the marketing side, described the appearance of hotels, the opportunity of a weekly seasonal adjustment and more importantly how to organise the venue in order to properly manage this kind of market, which represents a great opportunity”.“Many studies about foreigners in Italy show that they desire and seek art, culture and food: three key ingredients in the wedding market- underlined Tortelli from CTS – You, the wedding planners, already have at your disposal some of those desirable elements of the Italian lifestyle, but between data and desires we are actually surpassed by other countries less renowned than us, but with a completely different level of organisation.

The first three relevant markets for our wedding incoming tourism are well defined: USA with 337 thousand arrivals, UK with 121 thousand arrivals, Australia with 165 thousand arrivals, followed by other Countries like Canada with 49 thousand arrivals.

Bologna, 15th.11.2018

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