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About Marketing is a company founded  in Bologna, specialized in marketing services targeting the wedding market with an exhibition calendar, a web TV and a bundle of combined web services.


Circuito Sì Sposa has developed 4 kinds of different services, so that you could differentiate your promotional activity over different channels:

  • Buy Wedding in Italy, Destination Wedding Conference, Exhibition Area and Marketing Services. Buy Wedding in Italy is a B2B platform of communication and marketing multichannel services, designed purposely for the Destination Wedding market. The platform consists of a web portal, which offers the possibility to enter in contact with buyers in the Reserved Area, a space on BWI Magazine, the printed guide which will be distibuted in many national and international fairs and events, a newsletter service sent monthly to a database of brides and grooms-to-be, foreign wedding planner and professionsts and a B2B exhibition which will be held in Palazzo Isolani on November 2019.


  • Guida Sposi Emilia-Romagna system of combined services, which consists of a thematic portal, a printed guide, an App for Apple and Android and a monthly newsletter, sent to a targeted database of future brides and grooms-to-be in Emilia-Romagna.


  • Exhibition calendar Circuito Fiere Sì Sposa, which is made up of 8 vertical exhibitions targeting couples in Emilia-Romagna.


  • Sì Sposa TV: the first Web TV entirely devoted to Wedding. Sì Sposa TV broadcasts different formats, web series, editorials, interviews, and entertainment programs.


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