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icon-location Località Sant'Ambrogio, 29 53020 Trequanda SIENA

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  • cover-Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
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  • cover-Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
  • cover-Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
  • cover-Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
  • cover-Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
  • cover-Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
  • cover-Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
Name Head :
Edoardo Apollonj Ghetti
Total Capacity :
250 persons
Composition of rooms :
2 halls on two levels of 130 + 120 persons
Beds for guests :
22, divided on 6 apartements. You can also book the single room or the junior suite (room + leaving room). In the leaving rooms you will find also sofa beds for other 10 persons
Outdoor spaces :
The Borgo is built around a central square or piazza, paved with the finest Cortona stone pebbles interspersed with green grass. A massive secular olive tree dominates the square and frames the spectacular view of the surrounding hills, olive groves and sloping fields. The typically Tuscan color palette, painted by countless artists and captured by writers over the centuries – a symphony of reds, greens and golds – stretches out for miles in every direction. Perfect for the staging of dinners and wedding receptions, the square is also an ideal space for shows, meetings and any kind of gathering. Our guests are greeted in the reception, a unique space with an exposed brick vault opening up onto the piazza. There, a little corner selling local products and a well-stocked wine canteen (accessible through a tunnel hollowed out of tuff centuries ago) will introduce our guests to the wealth and variety of the local wine and food culture. Between the apartment complex and the building hosting the restaurant and the meeting room stretches out an enchanting park, with meadows and olive trees, purple lavender bushes and vibrant yellow brooms. During a relaxing walk through the park, our guests will come across many different species of local flora, such as rose, iris and agapanthus. The size and versatility of the park makes it ideal for the staging of happy hour, live music, entertainment or any other event. The swimming pool lies on a terraced slope just below the central square, offering beautiful views of the Nature Reserve and the artificial lake. The infinity pool, with water peacefully cascading along a stonewall facing the valley, is an exceptional backdrop for a sunset cocktail with background music. The peace of the natural environment with its evocative atmosphere provides the perfect accompaniment for relaxation treatments, massages and many other wellness-related activities.
Ability to celebrate the rite in the structure :
Borgo Sant’Ambrogio can host either civil, Catholic or symbolic ceremonies. The rooms, chapel and grounds are all fully available for the couple, enabling them to design the wedding of their dreams.
Description of Borgo Sant’Ambrogio - Resort
Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is a beautiful historic estate surrounded by miles of unspoilt natural landscapes. The property lies in the heart of Tuscany, halfway between two valleys rich in culture, natural beauty and excellent food and wine: the Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana. The landholding is made up of two complementary parts. The estate proper, with its orchards and cultivated land, includes a fully operational organic farm, with organic olive oil as its most regarded product. A large resort, made up of six luxury apartments and several hospitality facilities, is the ideal backdrop for weddings, receptions and business-related meetings.


The Borgo is nestled in a Nature Reserve, offering stunning views of the lake and the surrounding hills, patterned with groves and orchards. This guarantees our guests an experience of total privacy and quiet.


The resort is built around a charming pebble-paved square. It includes six spacious apartments, a reception with a wine cellar and a local product shop, a light-filled hall for meetings and events, a restaurant with vaulted ceilings, a swimming pool and a lovely chapel.


Borgo Sant’Ambrogio has been in the same family for three generations. Time has passed, but our deep sense of hospitality, coupled with a profound respect for nature and its wealth, has remained unchanged.


We take it upon us to satisfy the needs and desires of every single guest, so that every event at Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is not only an exclusive and hassle-free experience, but also a fully customizable one. Whether you are getting married, celebrating an anniversary, or organizing a meeting, you can rest assured that the final result will be exactly like you envisioned it. We will organize in person all the services you entrust us with, and will support you all along the way, right up until the moment of your departure.

The history of Sant’Ambrogio goes back as far as the 17th century, with the laying of the main building’s foundations. The southern and northern wings and the farm holding, as well as the restaurant and the meeting hall, date back to the beginning of the 20th century.


In the 1700s, Borgo Sant’Ambrogio used to be a nunnery dedicated to Saint Ambrose of Milan (hence the name). A coeval portrait of the saint is still housed on the premises, while a layer of frescoes has been recently discovered under the nineteenth-century frescoes in the manor house.


In 1971, Ranieri and Maria Teresa Apollonj Ghetti acquired the estate from the Contucci family of Montepulciano. Ranieri and Maria Teresa were awe-struck by the sheer beauty of the estate and the surrounding countryside, a territory marked by centuries of history. They chose the Sant’Ambrogio estate as the perfect place to revel in the extraordinary peace and quiet of rural Tuscany, together with their six children.

Today, two generations down the road, the family still honors Ranieri and Maria Teresa’s vision by looking after Borgo Sant’Ambrogio with the same loving care that was theirs. Every piece of renovation and restoration work was carried out with taste and with the utmost respect for the centuries-old history that is embedded in each and every brick and stone.

Note details of the structure and the territory

Our six apartments (for a total of 11 rooms) are accessible from the central square through a charming “cordonata” (a typically Italian ramped staircase) leading up to the courtyard.


The elegantly furnished apartments take their names after the varieties of olive trees grown in the Sant’Ambrogio Organic Farm. As a welcome gift, it will be our pleasure to treat our guests to a taste of our very own organic extra-virgin olive oil on a piece of toasted local bread.


Every apartment displays typically Tuscan architectural features, with each apartment having a unique and individual layout. Some of them extend over two levels, such as the Moraiolo, so that our guests can enjoy a higher degree of privacy.


The wide windows of the rooms offer a spectacular view of the surrounding woods and fields, filling the rooms with natural light. Four of the apartments are accessible through a secluded garden, a small piece of land that used to provide homegrown vegetables for the nunnery. It is now a peaceful place where our guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the Nature Reserve and revel in the blazing colors of Tuscan sunsets.

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of the building where the meeting room is also found. The beautiful ribbed vaults and the soft torch-lit setting evoke the rustic country inns of times gone by. The area is tastefully furnished and decorated and can accommodate up to 120 people – up to 100 more if the upstairs hall is included. Like every other space in Sant’Ambrogio, the restaurant too can be modified with your help to suit all your personal requirements.

The charming little chapel embodies the cultural and artistic heritage of the local area, while being at once a timeless example of architectural beauty. This ancient building offers the perfect backdrop for a cozy and intimate wedding ceremony; a small raised balcony can also accommodate the photographer and the musicians. There is a spacious area just opposite the church where guests can gather and wait for the bride and groom after the ceremony.


Fully customizable open-air ceremonies and alfresco dining can be arranged in the cool and shady lawn at the foot of the church.

Borgo Sant’Ambrogio lies in the heart of the Toscana region, halfway between two valleys rich in culture, natural beauty and excellent food and wine: the Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana.

The main sights and points of interest are within easy reach of Borgo Sant’Ambrogio. You can walk around the perfectly preserved streets of the enchanting medieval villages of Montepulciano, Monticchiello and San Quirico. You can admire the architectural perfection of Pienza, “the ideal city” of Renaissance Italy. You can go on a guided tour of the world-famous Chiusi necropolis, which bears witness to the Etruscan past of central Italy. Or you may choose to relax in the spa centers of Bagno Vignoni and ChiancianoTerme, whose thermal waters have been known for centuries for their therapeutic powers.

It is not far from the Via Francigena, an ancient roadway dating from the 9th century which connected France to Rome, and a route taken by many pilgrims visiting the Holy See and the Tombs of St. Peter and St. Paul. It is still travelled by visitors who come here from all parts of the world.


In the nearby area of Pienza, you can visit the ancient monastery of Sant’Anna in Camprena. A number of scenes in Anthony Minghella’s famous film The English Patient (1996) were shot inside its solid walls, and it still attracts a considerable number of film-lovers.


Sant’Ambrogio is located between three delightful lakes: Chiusi, Montepulciano and Trasimeno. The unspoilt lake habitat, together with its flora and fauna, is protected within a Nature Reserve, and includes some very rare native species ranging from the seldom sighted Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) to the beautiful white water lily (Nymphaea Alba). The lake region is also a crossroads for migratory ducks travelling from Northern Europe to Africa. You can quite often come across groups of these birds resting on the small lake in the Sant’Ambrogio estate.

Special areas available

Children’s playground

Access for disabled

air-conditioned rooms

smoking area

Patio available

courtyard accessible


Services offered / on request

Wedding planning


Civil Ceremony, Catholic Chapel in the rsort, Symbolic in the park or in the lounges


flower arrangements

printed menu

musical accompaniment

DJ Set

Animation and show

car service

open bar

children’s entertainment

Other:  paperwork Assistance, Professional Photographer, Salon, Beauty Salon, Makeup Artist, Massage and well-being, vintage car

Servizi compresi nel prezzo



Valet Parking


Other: Breakfast is included in the price of overnight

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